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Brief: For its second year of sponsoring the Local Hero Award at the UK Roofing Awards, SIG Roofing requested a dynamic eye-catching look and feel to attract as many entries as possible.

Solution: Taking inspiration from 1950s comic book illustrations, we developed a rooftop superhero figure in a hard hat. Signature primary colours, dotted shading, ‘kapow’-style call-outs and rectangular speech bubbles reinforce the iconic theme to create an impactful campaign across both print and digital media.

2020 update: The striking theme resonated so well with its audience that it’s been developed for 2020 to create a new superhero depiction within the comic book style. This time a regular bloke casts a long and large superhero shadow to portray the effect of the charitable or community work he’s carried out.

Illustration by: Dean Hutchins


Design for Print, Digital media