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ODC Website & Brochure

Brief: ODC design, build and install premium quality glazing solutions and felt their old website and brochure focused too much on the technical details and capabilities of the systems they offered. It was felt that they needed a lifestyle image to best showcase their products and service.

Solution: We developed a new website focused around high quality photography, case studies, testimonials, videos and the showrooms. With ODC’s high levels of customer service it was essential that the site also included several methods of contacting them including Live Chat, online form, forthcoming events, showroom details and of course the telephone.

Bespoke photography of their latest projects and factory highlight their commitment to workmanship and quality solutions. CAD illustrations overlaid with trace glazing diagram help demonstrate the transformation process and add a different texture. This, combined with uncoated stock and blind embossing, create a brochure which reflects the quality of the products offered by ODC.

Click here to see the live site.

Illustration by: tcadmin


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