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Relationships with agencies

It’s been a matter of pride that many of our clients have been employing our services for many years. We believe that our in-depth knowledge of the brands we work with contributes significantly to the quality of the work we deliver. Our collaborative working style also means that when clients move companies we are often contacted again by them in their new roles.

It transpires that, of all the agency types that companies enlist to support their marketing, creative agencies typically enjoy the longest relationships with clients at more than five years*. Our metrics outstrip that by quite some distance. We have clients of 12, 15 and 16 years standing.

This long-term close association means we are often regarded as brand guardians as well as a valued extension of the in-house marketing team. Indeed, 45% of big multinational advertisers said external partners were an essential part of their team.

Sixty-five percent of these companies believe a long-term relationship with their agency is either important, very important or essential in producing great work. We couldn’t agree more. Really getting under the skin of a brand allows us to understand it fully as well as the working style and preferences of the commissioning manager.


*Source: WPA


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