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Website refresh

We decided it was time to update our website a smidgen with some innovative visuals and amended content. In marketing, it always pays to keep things fresh, but it doesn’t need to have the wholesale ‘out with the old’ treatment.

(That said, you’ll notice we’ve elected to start over with the blog section.)


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To showcase PickeringHutchins’ creativity, we’ve produced striking new hero pictures for our homepage slider and other pages. The faces theme celebrates the connection we feel as humans to other people, often through eye contact.

Conceived to echo our messaging, these faces represent our multicultural world and the diversity within it as well as the diversity of our craft.

Linking up

Connecting is something we’ll be doing more determinedly going forward, making use of social media to keep in touch and add our voices to the digisphere more regularly through LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter – please follow us. It’s our aim to use imagery and a little humour to catch people’s attention and trigger conversations and it would be great to share our activities, thoughts and insights with you.

Our portfolio page has also been trimmed and now offers a small, curated selection of our work for a range of clients. We’ll be adding to this as the months unroll, and putting up further posts on this blog to keep visitors up to date with what we’ve been up to.



Paying it forward


2020 PH Prize calendar